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MUSKAN, Jehanabad

Add: Sharti Nagar, Main Road
Pin: 804408
Contact Person: Kishori Mohan
Purpose: New information for grass root ngo & support.
Aim/Objective/Mission: Vision of the organisation is to actualize the vision of rural development for corporating some of his ideas of development our orgn. Is supplemented his vision with the following mission and activities. Voluntary organization are an inalienable part of the contemporary development scene in india, over the years their orientations have undergone a change and today their works goes well beyond the boundaries of what is conventionally understood as welfare. There is at present, hardly any field of activity where voluntary agencies are not operating. Some of their present concerns include environment, health, education, agriculture and rural development, science and technology, consumer justice and change the poor living stutus. Mission of the organization is to have a healthy and perfect egalitratian from of society without the discrimination of caste, creed, sex, etc.
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