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Jayprabha Gram Vikas Mandal, Sasaram

Add: P.C.Road, Gaurakshni
Pin: 821115
Contact Person: Shivadhar Rai
Aim/Objective/Mission: The main object of the institution is to establish the values of Gandhian Philosphy in society and make efforts to promote and protect them. To make efforts for social, economic, political moral, educational and cultural upliftment of the residents of the district of Rohtas, Kaimur, Gaya, Buxar and Bhojpur district in particular and other districts of in general. To create a new society and atmosphere by making use of local resources like agriculture, forest and natural. To make effort for the ependence of the villages in true sense of the term. To try to obtain the rights of the village people by enlightening them and arousing the tendency of goodwill and fellow feeling amongst them. To promote the upliftment of the most backward classes of the society. A self-reliant, exploitation and violence free rural society. Holistic participatory development of disadvantaged sections of the rural society for a qualitative change in their life leading to gram swaraj, poverty eradication and restoration of peace through participatory means.
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Social Welfare Society, Rohtash

Add: R.R. Girls High School Campus, Karakat, Karakat, Bikramganj
Pin: 802212
Contact Person: Prakash Kumar
Purpose: Education, Health, agriculture, rural development, women empower, development of SC, ST & backwards, emp.Gen, small ind.
Aim/Objective/Mission: To work for socio-economic, educational & cultural development of men & women of Bihar with special pref. To man & women belonging to SC, ST & backward classes. To train the people or the overall development of the under developed & developed rural areas. To work for employment of men & women through development programmes in the field of small & cottage industries, arts & crafts, agriculture & animal husbandary. To setup, maintain & conduct its own industries, sewing & cutting, training cum production centres & other employment oriented works for women. To organise & establish health centres for children & women. To remove illiteracy & organise various types of educational centres. To organise & establish health centres & camps to provide charitable relief, specially for the physically handicapped persons & drug addicts. To accept any gift, grants, donations, contributions or subscription for the promotion of the society and to issue appeal, applications for money & funds. To do all such other lawful acts, deeds or things which are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the above objects.
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Parashurama Seva Sansthan, Rohtas

Add: Dhobdihan, Taraon, Nasriganj
Pin: 821310
Contact Person: Santosh Kumar
Purpose: Social work
Aim/Objective/Mission: Education, medical, unemployment, gram udyog, temples etc.
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